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Most processes start off being done by hand. But at some point the process is done so often or takes so long that it is time to consider automation.

Accord IS have a wealth of experience in automation, combined with a realistic approach. We realise that an Excel macro could be a viable cost effective solution for a simple automation process where the cost benefits do not warrant spending more than £200. Whereas other solutions may require a much faster or more robust solution, customised specifically for your requirements.

We have provided solutions for all sizes of businesses at all sizes of budgets and our rapid application development model, means you are more likely to get what you want at a price you can afford.

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Case studies

Automated survey report generation

Accord have created an arboriculture tree survey solution to help Simon Jones Associates Ltd survey the trees on a development site and generate the reports on their findings quickly and accurately. Through this process they have saved significant staff costs as well as reducing their turnaround time on survey reports.

SAGE expenses

Whilst SAGE Accounts is good at managing finances, it is not an application for end users to enter their own expenses on. Accord IS have created a customised Expenses system for Syner-Med (PP) Ltd to help the staff record their expenses in a user friendly environment and then upload the data directly into SAGE where it is incorporated into their accounts and budgets.