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Recent Applications


smAccord is a central consolidating system created for Syner-Med (PP) Ltd. smAccord consolidates CRM information from the sales force, sales figures and expenditure from SAGE Accounts, budgets from the Finance team, medical information reports and over 30 customised management reports created specifically for Syner-Med. Stock control forecasting, projection and management has also recently been added to the system. More info

ARMS - Asbestos Management System

ARMS – Asbestos Management System, is a bespoke Asbestos reporting and management system created for ALS Ltd. ARMS allows the surveyors to collate their surveys out on site and bring the information back to the office where it is uploaded for analysis in the lab. Once checked the information is presented to the clients via a management reporting application and via a global website. More info

Arboriculture Surveying for Simon Jones Associates Ltd.

Arboriculture Surveying for Simon Jones Associates Ltd. Accord IS have created a handheld application that allows the surveyors to record the condition of the trees on a development site. Once back at the office this information is imported into a suite of Excel and Word reports ready to be sent out to the client. More info


ProReg - Project Registration for HPR. Accord IS have been working with HPR for many years on a customised database that records the details of all the projects that HPR have been involved with around the world. This allows HPR to quickly find any projects relevant to a new tender. More info


Smarteezie - telephone calling campaign management. Accord IS have been working with MacGregor Jones on a system to help universities with their fund raising campaigns. The system provides an easy to use interface for callers to record the outcome of their calls along with real-time campaign statistics both on a dashboard within the application and available via a secure intranet site. More info


ClearBuild - centralised construction management. Accord IS have developed an application with Simply Clear Solutions Ltd for construction site management. The application was voted runner up as the most innovative new product at InterBuild 2007. More info

General Mills sales forecasting.

General Mills sales forecasting. General Mills are responsible for marketing well known brands such as Haagen-Dazs, Betty Crocker and Old El Paso. Accord IS have been involved in creating an application to collate sales forecasts from account managers with actual sales figures and budgets to create relevant management reports and to download production requirements to the manufacturing plants. More info


InTouch is an application created for charities to keep in touch with their supporters. InTouch makes it easy to record relevant information about supporters and then to list contacts interested in particular areas for mail shot purposes. More info