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AccordJM is a Job Management application for small businesses

Bringing your jobs in on time and within budget

AccordJM helps small and medium sized businesses to manage their jobs, their team, their deadlines and their costs

  • If you run between 50 and 50,000 jobs each year …
  • If you are struggling to keep track of the jobs you and your team are running …
  • If you are struggling to prioritise your staff time to focus on the urgent work as well as the smaller jobs …
  • If you are not sure of the exact profitability of all of your jobs and your clients …
  • If you are drowning in information and paperwork spread across the organisation in emails and electronic and paper job folders …

Then AccordJM can give you the control and organisation you need to bring your jobs in on time and on budget and control your costs and improve the profitability of your business.

What will AccordJM do for your business?

Manage your jobs

AccordJM will manage your jobs; store the key details of each job in one place - client, site, contacts, work required, etc…

Manage the tasks

AccordJM will manage the various tasks on each job; what needs to be done for this job, which person or team will be delivering the work, when does it need to be done by and what else is dependent on each task

Manage the workloads

AccordJM will manage the work of your team; based on the jobs a person has to do, the deadlines and the urgency of the job, AccordJM will list for each person the tasks they need to focus on today, so that you can deliver tomorrow

Manage the information

AccordJM will manage your information. Documents, emails, photos and plans can be easily stored within AccordJM so that all the information you need for a job is in one place

Manage time

AccordJM will manage your time and costs. Each member of the team can complete their timesheet so that you know how much time and related cost has been spent on a job and even on the different tasks within a job. You can then use this to prove the accuracy of your estimates.

Manage your costs

Expenses can also be recorded and matched against a job. This allows you to ensure all relevant expenses are cross charged on to the client. It also allows you to manage the expense – submission - payment of your staff expense claims. If you use SAGE then the staff expense claims can also be uploaded into SAGE automatically.

Managing your reporting

AccordJM will manage your letters and reports. Standardised letters and reports can be generated from within AccordJM at the click of a button. No more copying and pasting job details and addresses into Word. All reports are based on Word documents, so if you can create a Word document you can create a custom report for AccordJM

Manage invoicing

AccordJM will manage your invoicing. Invoices can be generated from within AccordJM based on the costs and stages of the job completed so far. If you use SAGE then the invoices that have been created can also be uploaded into SAGE automatically.

Manage Health and Safety

AccordJM will manage your health and safety and other key assessments. Standardised templates can be created based on the job type. Questions are completed and stored with the job for reference and inclusion on relevant paper work.

Manage your estimating

AccordJM will manage your estimating. Enter the details of the job and AccordJM will help calculate the estimate. This can then be used to measure the actual time/costs of the job so that you can make future estimates more accurate and more profitable.

Manage your projects

AccordJM will manage your project organisation. If you have various projects for the same site or various projects related to each other for the same client, then you can see at a glance how all of the projects are doing.

Management reporting

AccordJM will help improve your profitability. Various reports are available to help you make sure your jobs don’t overrun on time or cost and to assess the jobs you have completed. Reports are also available for work in progress, staff time analysis and profitability, client time analysis and profitability. See your top and bottom 10 clients or jobs by time, by job size and by profit.

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