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Linking Systems

Most businesses have key information stored in different systems. There is usually a finance system such as SAGE accounts or SAP and perhaps a separate sales system or something specific to your business with project information. What happens when you want to link some of this information together, perhaps you want to see costs from SAGE linked to different projects, or sales data tied back to clients or split by business areas.

If you are trying to link different systems together or automate time consuming processes. Perhaps you are looking for a customised solution because you cannot find what you want off the shelf. Or are you struggling to get the management information you want.

Any professional system will have a way of exporting data. If you can then tie the data from the different systems together quickly and cost effectively you gain access to a whole new world of information to manage your business. Perhaps you need to add controls to a process or to review some management reporting across systems.

Accord IS have considerable experience in joining together information from different systems in a cost effective way. This can be done in real time so that at any moment you can see the current situation or perhaps you have a larger process that can be merged together at the end of each day.

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Case studies

Consolidating your systems

Accord have provided a single system incorporating sales, CRM and Finance at Syner-Med (PP) Ltd, a pharmaceutical business based in Purley.

Customised applications

Accord have created an arboriculture tree survey solution to help Simon Jones Associates Ltd survey the trees on a development site and report their findings to their clients quickly and accurately.